Free vs Paid WordPress Themes (Pros and Cons)

August 29, 2018| Santosh Raut
free vs premium wordpress themes

There are lots of confusion regarding whether to use a free theme or buy a premium theme. This question arises basically for beginners. If you also thinking whether to buy a premium theme or just continue using a free theme, then read go through this article in details. We will explain each and every aspects of free and paid WordPress theme.

What is a free theme and a paid theme?

Free themes are listed in the official site of section. All the themes listed here are free and can be downloaded and use for free. On the other hand, paid themes also called premium themes has to be purchased. Pais theme comes with tons of features and support.

Generally, paid themes are listed on the official site of the author or other premium theme listing sites. 

Free themes advantage

WordPress Theme Directory

WordPress Free Theme Directory

1. It’s free

The first advantage is it’s free. Because it is free, for most beginners, it lowers the barrier of starting a website. One can directly download the selected theme from the directory. There are tons of theme from thousands of developers are listed on the site 

2. Good for learning

Because it is free, you don’t spend a single cent in using an awesome theme. You can download and use it for learning purpose. If you like the free version, later on, you can purchase the premium version.

It is best to use and test free version first before paying for them.

Free themes disadvantages

1. It’s not secure

Free themes are considerably not secure.  Say this, it not mean that all the themes are insecure. There is a theme review team who examine each and every theme and make sure they met the theme guidelines. All the WordPress themes listed on the site goes through some kind of strict review process. All free WordPress themes are tested for standard quality compliant code, features, HTML/CSS quality and privacy. However, free themes are not as secure as paid themes as there no any regular review and testing of code standard. No updates

Another most important disadvantage of the free theme is you don’t get any update from theme developers. Once, you download the theme for free. There is no any link between you and the developer. You have to be restricted to the given features and functionality of the theme.

2.No support from developers

In most cases, Theme providers do not provide live support for free theme users. You have to maintain yourself for security, changes, and alteration.

3. Limited features

This is one of the major disadvantages of using a free theme. You have to be restricted to the limited features. Sometimes, even though you like the theme, you need to be limited to the predefined featured and functionalities.

Paid themes advantages

1. Support and Updates from developer

You get full support from developer teams after all you have paid for it. Not only that you are accessed to the frequent updates. This is one of the noted advantages of the paid theme over free theme.

Most of the theme provider offer 24*7 live support via online chat and email. They care so much for their customers.

2. Secure

Premium themes are frequently tested so as to make it secure and even better. So, premium themes are comparatively secure than free themes. Primarily because these themes are actually making money vs doing it for free.

You can contact the developer and support team straight away if you have any kinds of issues.

3. Rich in features

This is on od the biggest advantage of a premium theme. You get lots of features and customization options in premium themes. As there is more competition in the premium theme market, theme providers offer more and more features at the optimum price.

Premium themes come in several forms to suit your needs. You should think of premium WordPress themes in terms of an investment for your business. After all, there’s a reason why premium themes have premium prices—they also offer premium features!

Paid theme disadvantages


Of course, you have to pay for premium themes on a regular basis. Some themes you like are very expensive.

2. Not all premium themes are good!

Yes! Not all the themes you paid for it are perfect. Sometimes, you end up being dissatisfied due to poor coding standard. On the other hand, sometimes theme providers add more and more unnecessary features which lead your site to slow loading.


If you are a beginner and you want to exercise with WordPress stuff then it is better to use a free theme. Free theme will be sufficient for your initial needs. You can use free theme in the following cases-

  • If you are a beginner and want to start a personal blog
  • Does not matter if your site looks like same as most
  • If you need a just basic functionality
  • Don’t mind getting very little support

Here is 50+ multipurpose Free Best WordPress Themes which you can download straight away. 

You can learn lots of things with free themes. But if you are serious about your business and online presence then you must buy premium themes.

Most of the theme providers give you plenty of documentation and support forums where you can get more help. This is what you paid for. So, before buying the theme you need to research for trusted sellers and developers.

You have to switch to the premium theme in the following cases –

  • If you are using for business purpose (Online selling and transaction)
  • Want to have more features, functionality and customization options
  • Need dedicated support teams if any issue arise
  • For regular awesome updates
  • Want to make as unique as you like
  • It is recommended to go for a premium theme for the corporate website, education, online business, e-commerce sites.

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